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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My 25 Favourite Sexy Movies and Scenes of Movies: Part 3

Welcome to the last part of this fun series:  Part 3!

When Harry Met Sally: One of my favourite movies of all time. A classic romantic comedy about the relationship between men and women and why it's hard for them to be "just friends". Meg Ryan (the queen of romantic comedies) and Billy Crystal star with Rob Reiner directing. One of the funniest scenes is when Meg's character fakes an orgasm just to prove a point, in a diner no less.  Rob Reiner's mom has one of the best lines in the movie but I don't want to give it away if you haven't seen it yet.  It's a great relationship movie that guys will enjoy too.

True Lies: Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis who plays the wife of Arnold who is a spy, unbeknownst to her. It has one of the funniest and sexiest striptease (and sort of pole dance) scene by Jamie. Jamie goes undercover as an escort and needs to dance for an enemy contact that turns out to be, well.....I don't want to give too much away. Just watch it!

Rock Star: Starring Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston. Mark plays a wannabe rock star that ends up replacing a real life rock star that can't fulfill his touring commitment. A story about what can happen when a person is thrown into a life of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll and isn't ready for it. Funny and sexy.

Charlie's Angels, Full Throttle: Now, I know what you may be thinking. Charlie's Angels, really? Yes, well, I was hesitant to watch either of the Charlie's Angels movies (even though, I'm almost reluctant to admit it here, I was an original Charlie's Angels fan when it was on TV). But the Burlesque scene with the Angels is worth the whole movie. It's sexy and energetic and I laughed out loud at times because it was so much fun to watch.  It made me remember how fun it is to get all dressed up, sexy and girly like, and want to bust a move right then and there. It's fairly true to the TV series in the sense that it's over the top with loads of sex appeal, sexy fashion and ass kicking action.  And of course, we can't forget the slow motion sexy hair flipping thing they do!  What a hoot!

Laurel Canyon: Another movie about sex, drugs and rock 'n roll starring Frances McDormand who plays a weed smoking music producer with a younger musician boyfriend. Her son is a straight laced guy in a relationship with a girl who is a little naive and uptight.  They both end up living temporarily with his mother. His girlfriend begins to become intrigued by his mother's lifestyle and the couple begins to get a little lost along the way. Christian Bale and Kate Beckinsdale also star.

Fatal Attraction: One of the best movies of the 80s about a married man (played by Michael Douglas who makes the mistake of having an affair with a "loose cannon" of a woman (played by Glenn Close). In my opinion, this is one of Glenn's best performances. It's a real, raw, heart wrenching, sad, frightening and honest portrayal of an unstable woman scorned. She was nominated for an Oscar for this role, although I feel she should have won over Cher in Moonstruck.  Fatal Attraction has some of the hottest sex scenes in it including one in an elevator and on a kitchen counter top.

In the Cut:  Meg Ryan in a role unlike any movie she's done. She plays a woman whose roommate is murdered and ends up being attracted to and having an affair with the man investigating the case. This is a departure and a surprisingly edgier role for Meg and I loved it. It's a dark psychological thriller with some hot scenes in it as well.  I swear that woman was really......well, nevermind.  Check it out for yourself.

City of Angels: The story about a doctor played by Meg Ryan who begins to have a crisis of faith when her first patient dies on the operating table. An angel, played by Nicolas Cage, has been watching Meg and is intrigued and eventually falls in love with her. A beautiful love story with some sensual scenes, but it makes me really wonder who is watching, how much and how often.  Yikes!

Mulholland Drive: A David Lynch movie. What can I say about David Lynch? Well, if you don't ever want to try acid, then watch a David Lynch movie and it will have the same effect. No, that's not an insult. I enjoy David's movies because he's different and "out there". You don't really know what you are going to get and how it's going to end.  His movies will have you questioning what is real and what isn't. Most movies nowadays are formula, predictable, typical and boring. This movie will leave you scratching your head. Some sexy scenes and very well done. Naomi Watts is great here as a wannabe actress just arriving in Hollywood. Or is she???

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I had fun putting it together.  Until next time.  M

Thursday, June 03, 2010

My 25 Favourite Movies and Scenes from Movies: Part 2 of 3

Hope you enjoy Part 2 of this series!!

Ghost: A love story about a couple played by Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. After her lover dies, he returns as a ghost to warn her that there is more to his death than meets the eye and he can't cross over until the mystery of his death is resolved.  A story of a couple torn apart way too soon in their relationship.  Plus, there's a sexy "making pottery at the kiln" scene that was spoofed a few times on some comedy shows.  I will never forget this moment.  I bawled my eyes out after seeing it in the theatre for the first time; mostly because I realized that the guy I was with at the time wasn't the love of my life and this movie showed me how love could potentially be.  My relationship eventually ended.  The power of movies.

Head in the Clouds: A sweeping romantic drama set in the 30s about three friends, a man and two women who end up having some sexual adventures together. As the world drifts towards war, Charlize, who plays Gilda, insists on continuing to live her hedonistic lifestyle while her friends (Stuart and Penelope) become compelled to fight fascism which drives them all apart. Charlize Theron and Stuart Townsend (who are a real life couple) and Penelope Cruz star.

The Bridges of Madison County: A novel adapted to the screen about a love story set in the 60s about a married woman (played by Meryl Streep) who ends up having an affair with the love of her life, a photographer for National Geographic magazine (played by Clint Eastwood). A story about the decisions, consequences and sacrifices women sometimes need to make, not only for themselves, but for their family. The acting is phenomenal and the writing heart wrenching as the story unfolds about lovers who desperately want to be together but can't because of circumstance.  Clint really surprised me in this movie with his acting chops.

The Doors: Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll at its peak. A story about the rock 'n roll group The Doors with Val Kilmer playing the lead singer Jim Morrison.  It tells the story of the life and times of The Doors. Val is impeccable here as Jim Morrison and super sexy (FYI).  I couldn't imagine anyone else playing Jim Morrison.  Meg Ryan plays one of his lovers who's also great in this role which is a departure from her typical romantic comedies.  You go girl!

The Hunger: Another movie about vampires. Hmmm, I sense a theme here. John (played by David Bowie) and Miriam (played by Catherine Deneuve) play vampires in "love".  For now that is, until Miriam gets tired of John and decides to take a new lover; a doctor who researches premature aging named Sarah, played by Susan Sarandon.  It's dark, sexy and scary. Don't visit their house though because you may never leave!!

The Secretary: Maggie Gyllenhaal plays a woman recently released from a mental institution. She gets a job as a secretary with a boss who is a demanding lawyer played by James Spader. Little does she know that she will be doing a little more, than just typing for him.  Bad secretary!  A little spanking never hurt anyone!

Spiderman: One of the sexiest kissing scenes ever between Spiderman (aka Peter Parker) and Mary Jane Watson. And upside down no less!  Ahhh, the adventure of new love!

Unfaithful: The story of a married woman who has a very sexy and extremely hot affair with a much younger man.  But then her husband finds out.  And well, you know how that goes.  (Notice in the photo on the right, which is a still from the movie, it looks just a little hotter with Diane Lane's mouth open like she's completely spent from all the crazy sex they just had!)

Stay tuned for Part 3!!

My 25 Favourite Sexy Movies and Scenes from Movies: Part 1

It's time to lighten things up a bit.  Can't be too serious all the time.  Since one of GoDDess GrOOve's qualities is about connecting with sensuality, I thought I would blend that with my passion for movies.  Movies are a bit of an obsession for me.  I love watching them and once in a while I get insights into my own life through them.  Sometimes I just enjoy watching relationships between people unfold.  I enjoy going to places I haven't been.  I enjoy time travelling.  I enjoy the stories, the costumes, the adventures, the music, the writing, the acting.  A really great movie sweeps me into its world so that I can forget the one I'm in for a while. 

Below is a list of movies that I found to be hot, sexy, romantic and sensual, whether it was the characters, the scenes and or the storylines.  I would love to hear from you as to what your favourites are!

9 1/2 Weeks: Pre-boxing days Mickey Rourke.  Hot, hot, hot!!!. I don't know about you, but this has got to be the sexiest I have ever seen Mickey Rourke. The man oozes sex appeal in this movie and he's absolutely adorable. Kim Basinger meets Mickey Rourke as he sweeps her off her feet and takes her on a sexual rollercoaster journey and pushes her way beyond her edges, for yes, 9 1/2 weeks. Kim realizes she would like to go further in the relationship than just sexual game playing and escapades but realizes he's emotionally unavailable. Eating from the fridge was never so much fun and Kim does a great "striptease" scene.

The Postman Always Rings Twice: Drifter Frank Chambers (played by Jack Nicholson) meets Cora (played by Jessica Lange), a married woman stuck in a life she hates with her husband who owns a diner/mechanic shop. Cora and Frank have unbelievable sexual chemistry and decide to have an affair.  They decide to be together no matter what, even if it means possibly killing her husband. This movie has one of the hottest and rawest sex scenes ever between Jessica and Jack.

Chocolat: For me personally, anything that Johnny Depp is in rocks! A woman moves into a small town and opens up a chocolate store around Lent, a "no no" in the eyes of a close knit and close minded religious community. Her chocolate tends to have "special" effects on the people who enjoy them. A well acted movie and Johnny Depp is hot as a travelling gypsy who has his eyes on the Chocolatier played by Juliette Binoche.

Dracula: With Gary Oldman, as a romantic, mysterious and sexy Count and Winona Ryder, who plays the love of his life. Dracula meets up with his reincarnated old flame (Winona) from a few hundred years ago and Winona, who is soon to be married, just can't resist his charms. Great performances, sexy and romantic, in a weird vampire kind of way.  There's something about the sucking of necks that ....

Frida: Salma Hayek plays Frida Kahlo the Spanish artist who is uncompromising and unapologetic in her life choices which include being with the occasional woman lover from time to time. This is the story of her life with some hot and sensual scenes, especially the dance with Frida and her female lover.

Basic Instinct: Sharon Stone in her infamous role as a sexy novelist accused of murdering one of her lovers. Michael Douglas plays a detective who ends up having an affair with her. Not a good idea since she's under investigation and he's "investigating" her. This movie is famous for the "interrogation, sexy leg crossing" scene with Sharon, au naturel.

Queen of the Damned: The sexiest vampire ever to be played by Stuart Townsend in my opinion.  Although Angel, played by David Boreanaz of Buffy fame is a close second. Anne Rice's novel is adapted to the screen. I was reluctant to see this movie due to reviews and finally caved in to watch it.  It's now one of my favourite vampire movies ever. I liked it better than "Interview with the Vampire", although I did enjoy that one too. Allayah's last performing role before she died (way too young) and she's stunning as the Queen Vampire who is released from being trapped for centuries and is now hungry for love, power and blood.  Lots of blood.  Darn those kooky vampires!

Lie with Me: A brave, raw, controversial and extremely sexually explicit story of two emotionally damaged people living in Toronto who feel trapped and try to escape from life, with each other.

Stay tuned for Part 2!