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Monday, September 27, 2010

Sometimes Simple is Best

I love a great salad.  The other day I went into COOP and bought butter lettuce.  It's one of my favourite things.  Simple, fresh and good.  Sometimes simplicity is best.

All I did was put some edible flowers on top and it looked so pretty I had to take a shot.  Love the colors!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

20 Reasons to go Veg for Life

I recently started a new part-time job and have been adjusting to that.  Now it's a matter of balancing that with making sure I regularly blog!  Amazing how one thing thrown into the mix has caused me to drop the ball on my blogging.  I miss it and have been just "dying" to write, so here is another entry.  Hope you enjoy it. 

While I am not a complete vegetarian (I still eat fish and eggs on occasion, not everyday), over the last ten years I have shifted the way I eat significantly for a number of reasons.  While this change may not be for everyone, I do feel that most people are eating way too much protein than they need to.  While we do need protein, we only need a small portion everyday.  And there are other sources of protein other than animal flesh. 

People need to be eating more fruits and vegetables and from what I have seen and heard, most people eat far too few of these.  Too much protein and carbs throws people out of balance and I feel causes a number of health concerns.  Start by doing a Meatless Monday once a week (or whatever day of the week you want) and it can significantly reduce the amount of animals we kill on a yearly basis.  It's about baby steps.  After a while, try going two days a week.  It's good for the environment as you will read down below (and for you!)  There are some great vegetarian cookbooks out there which will give you a chance to try some meatless meals and they can be delicious!

This change didn't happen overnight.  My attachment to "meat" eating (although I was mostly eating fish and chicken at the time and I grew up as a child raised on meat, pork and fish on Fridays), has been a process over a number of years, but it doesn't have to take that long.  A big influence was watching "Earthlings".    http://www.earthlings.com/  Once I saw how animals were treated in factory farms (which is only one part of the movie), I decided I would no longer purchase factory farm chicken in grocery stores.  I started to buy free range and organic.  Eventually I lost my "taste" for chicken and haven't eaten chicken in a number of years now.  Even though animals raised on "free range" farms are treated better, once they are transported to slaughtering factories, unfortunately they end up going through traumatization.

If any of you have seen "Food Inc."  http://www.foodincmovie.com/ , this is a Disney movie compared to "Earthlings" as you will see when you watch the "Earthlings" trailer.  Be forewarned that it is a violent movie and it will certainly open your eyes to what is going on.  "Earthlings" willl touch you to the core of your soul if you dare to watch it.  If you can get through watching it, it is a heartwrenching and shocking documentary.

I can happily say I don't really miss eating chicken.  As I mentioned, I still eat fish and eggs on occasion but it's more of a special thing now.  It's not something I do daily and when I do eat it, I really enjoy it.  Perhaps at some point I will make a complete jump to vegetarianism.  At this point, I can feel good about not feeding an industry that does so much damage to the environment and to animals and ultimately ourselves as we are all connected.

Just think about it.  If you believe in the concept that we are all connected, when you watch how these animals suffer and are fearful and scared by how they are being treated in these factory farms, why would you want to ingest all that negative and heavy energy? 

You are what you eat.

The information below is taken from a brochure I found at a local vegetarian restaurant. (Statements made in bold are by me)

From former cattle ranchers to Hollywood celebrities, more and more people from every corner of America are going veg.  Here are just some reasons why:

1.  In the US, "food animals" are not adequately protected from inhumane treatment.

2.  Livestock rearing produces more greenhouse gasses than all forms of transportation combined!

3.  A low-fat vegetarian diet can help promote weight loss and prevent obesity.

4.  Over 70% of US grain and 80% of corn is fed to farm animals rather than people.  (Which leads me to another point.  Have you ever eaten corn?  Have you noticed when you go poo, you poo corn out?  Not a very digestable food as yummy as it is!)

5.  Mad cow disease and avian influenza are sickening and killing people worldwide.

6.  Most farm animals are forced to endure confinement, mutilations, abuse and neglect.

7.  Livestock grazing is one of the most ecologically destructive forces of today.

8.  Vegetarians are more likely to avoid heart disease and high blood pressure.

9.  Factory farms are breeding grounds for harmful pathogens like salmonella and e. coli.  (Animals are often sitting in their own bowel and urine secretions for extended periods of time).

10.  Farm animals are usually prevented from engaging in instinctual behaviour and live only a fraction of their natural lives.

11.  Animal agricultural run-off adversely affects water quality across the country.

12.  Vegetarians are less prone to developing adult onset diabetes.

13.  Every year, countless farm animals become so sick or injured they cannot walk.

14.  Vast amounts of water and fossil fuels are squandered for livestock rearing.

15.  Eliminating animal protein from the diet may lower one's risk of osteoporosis.

16.  A recent study by the University of Chicago revealed that a vegetarian diet is more energy efficient.

17.  A high fibre, low fat vegetarian diet may help prevent cancer.

18.  Over 50% of forests worldwide have been cleared to raise or feed livestock.

19.  Approximately 10 billion farm animals needlessly die every year to fuel the food industry.

20.  Vegetarians feel good because they help make the world a better place.

Info taken from a brochure I found at http://www.thecoup.ca/ restaurant.  To learn more about vegetarianism or to order your free Guide to Veg Living, please visit http://www.vegforlife.org/ and email veginfo@farmsantuary.org or call 607 583 2225.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Soul of Money

I first saw Lynne Twist speak on the extras of a video called "Crude Impact".  She is truly a wise, inspiring, insightful and powerful woman.  This video isn't from the movie but is a YouTube video that will give you a taste of what she speaks about. 


I am excited that she is coming to speak in Calgary on October 5th.  I'm looking forward to seeing her!  Below is the link for the information for this event.  https://netcommunity.ucalgary.ca/SSLPage.aspx?pid=2215&chid=20&frcrld=1
If you are interested in purchasing the movie "Crude Impact", there are three different versions on their website.  The link following is the version  that has interviews with both Bill and Lynne Twist.  Well worth the watch!   http://www.crudeimpact.com/page.asp?content_id=9661 
Below is the trailer for Crude Impact.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

The Story of Bottled Water

Just wanted to share a couple of videos with you.  This is a continuation of "The Curse of Plastic" article I wrote earlier.  I enjoy this woman's videos.  Her first video was "The Story of Stuff" which I have also linked below.  Ban bottled water and help to save the earth.  Use a good filtering system instead like Santevia which not only filters water but also mineralizes as well.

The Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Stuff